Shotblasting machines

Siapro is one of the European leading manufacturers in Shot Blasting and Peening equipment, with a long history in design, manufacturing and commissioning of the machines. We manufacture high quality shot blasting machines. Turbine shot blasting is the most economical method of removing rust, scaling, foundry sand, paint, clean the surface prior to coating, and more. High productivity of shot blasting we achieve with our E-ECO shot blasting technology and the lates E-ECO CPMT technology.

Shot blasting with compressed air
is not so effective. Compared to the turbine blasting it has 10 times less impact.

We offer shot blasting machines for all  types of shot blasting.
Installation and maintenance of our shot blasting machines is very simple due to modern manufacturing technologies such as laser cutting, CNC bending, etc..simplified and cost-effective and competitive. SIAPRO offer:
  1. Shot blasting wheel machines - Standard types
  2. Shot blasting wheel machines - Custom made
  3. Anti-Corrosion and Painting lines More info...
  4. Machines for shot peening More info...
  5. Dust collectors  More info...
  6. Second hand Shot blasting machines More info...
E-ECO smart blast wheels are 100% manufactured in Slovenia in controlled production. With our E-ECO technology of shot blasting we achieve high productivity, efficiency and economical savings.

VIDEO project example-production of shotblasting machine and FAT test, machine 100% made in Slovenia

We can build-in E-ECO wheels in equipment of different producers of shot blasting machines.


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pdfShotblasting Machines General Broshure_A3 (.pdf 2.5MB)

pdfOverhead Conveyor Siapro Shotblasting Machines_H (.pdf 3.6MB)
pdfRoller Conveyor Shotblasting Machines_R (.pdf 751KB)
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pdfTable_shotblasting_machines_green line_ang_2023_distribution (.pdf 2.5MB) (.pdf 2.5MB)
pdfWire_mesh_belt_shot_blasting_machine_RWB_green line ang_2023_distribution (.pdf 2.6MB)

pdfRobot Shotblasting Machines_RBB (.pdf 587KB)
pdfShotblasting Machines fot tubes_RB (.pdf 587KB)

pdfBrochure E-ECO Blasting Technology, E-ECO Blasting Wheels (.pdf 1.3MB)
pdfBroshure AAD Valve for abrasive dosing_eng_srb (.pdf 848KB)

pdfBrochure TRA 80 Basic Junior Superior KIT Solution Machine (.pdf 1.4MB)
pdfBrochure HA 1000x1400 Basic, Heavy Duty, Foundry Machine (.pdf 1.3MB)
pdfBrochure DA 1250x500 Basic, Heavy Duty, Foundry Machine (.pdf 1.1MB)
pdfA4_Shotblasting_machines_Slovenia_SIAPRO_is_supplier_NO1_in_home_country_2023 (.pdf 94KB)

Table shotblasting machines
Drum blasting machines
Hook Machines
Continuous overhead conveyor blast machines
Overhead blast machines with monorail
Roller conveyour machines
Wire shotblasting machines
Custom made machines
Anti-corrosion and  painting lines
Wire mesh belt Machines
Wire mesh belt Machines
Shot blasting Machine with rubber belt
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