Foundry equipment

We offer engineering services and supply foundry equipment for the entire casting process: the preparation of sand, foundry furnaces, casting and finishing, equipment to check the quality of castings. We integrate foundry equipment according to your specific requirements and depending on the required technology. Our very good knowledge is achieved with long-term operation in the foundry industry and with implementation of reference projects.

We supply new and used foundry equipment. We provide servicing and maintenance of equipment and performing relocation of foundry equipment and complex systems (disassembly, assembly, and transport). We own our Siapro brand and production, but we supply also foundry equipment of partner companies. We are representative or partner with international known companies such as Arun, Pourtech, Sensor Control, etc..

pdfQuestionnaire for offer Continuous Mixer (.pdf 128KB)
pdfQuestionnaire for offer No Bake Foundry System Requirements (.pdf 52KB)
pdfQuiestionnaire for offer Mechanical Sand Reclamation Questionnaire (.pdf 66KB)

pdfA4 Siapro_Foundry products_Continuous mixers, Mould and Material handling, Sand reclamation, Core machines_25_pages_A4_pdf_eng_2021 (.pdf 5.0MB)
pdfSiapro Foundry Engineering (.pdf 313KB)
pdfSand Coolers (.pdf 417KB)
pdfA4_Siapro Bentonite Sand Reclamation_ang_srb_2015_distribution (.pdf 881KB)

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