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2x E-ECO 380, 22 kw
With Siapro E-ECO shotblasting turbines, we achieve high efficiency and high productivity of shotblasting and great savings. The general advantages of the newest high-performance E-ECO shot blasting turbines are:
- production without stagnation
- lower maintenance costs
- lower energy consumption
- smaller stocks of spare parts.

Testing of AL castings treatment in Siapro test center.

Economicala and technical advantages of Siapro E-ECO blasting wheels are:
- Increase of abrasive velocity and material wear resistance
- 8 -10 times longer blades life time (27% reduced electrical consumption)
- Minimum 10% lower abrasive consumptionBlasting capacity(increase in output) 10 - 30% better.

Tumbler shot blasting machine with SKIP, rubber belt unloader and E-ECO turbine. VIDEO
Drum shotblasting machines are used in mass production where the capacities are large, and the materials and shape of the blasting material are very different. Our machines are very robust and quality. The products that we shotblasting are rolling in the machine during shot blasting process. In this way, we achieve optimum coverage and a high-quality cleaned surface of metals.

Machine is ideal for heavy and complex shaped work pieces, castings, welded constructions, forged and pressed parts, steel parts, non-ferrous parts, peening, shotblasting. VIDEO
Parts can be hanged individually or in a tree on revolving hooks.

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