In Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Monte Negro we are legal representative of international known companies


Straaltechniek International (Belgium) is specialized in manufacturing and engineering the process of blasting and shotpeening in shipbuilding, railways, in mikropeening, aviation, aerospace, automotive industry, etc. The company combines the expertise and development. Efficiency, environmental protection, reliability and long lifetime of the equipment are one of the characteristics tor Straaltechniek products.

Simpson (USA) primary products include batch and continuous molding sand mixing equipment, molding sand coolers, on-line mixer controls, core sand preparation systems, shell sand preparation plants, sand reclamation systems, sand laboratory equipment and foundry system design, engineering and automation systems.

With Webac
(from 1.8.2018) Simpson strengthen and expand Simpson’s product line to include thermal sand reclamation technology & plants, core sand preparation technology and plants, fully engineered sand preparation systems and projects and frac sand processing technology.
  Pourtech (Swedish) supplies the control systems for pouring equipment.
   Euroequip (Spain). In our sales assortment and references we have also foundry crushers.

With our partner
Louds Foundry Equipment (Germany) we offer complete engineering projects for Core making and Sand preparation plants. The Sand Preparation plant is capable of operating on a fully automated system with no operator interference. We offer Cold Box, Cold Box Sand Preparation, Hot Box, Hot Box Sand Preparation.

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