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"Platinum credit excellence represents an above-average credit rating among companies that have been demonstrating the Golden AAA excellence for three years in a row. Companies that demonstrate platinum credit excellence represent the most reliable, credible and low-risk business entity for cooperation with all business partners. The rating is based on the company's financial statements, payment discipline and other dynamic indicators and predicts above-average safe and successful operations of the company in the next twelve months.

Economic operators with platinum credit rating excellence have a 91% probability that they will maintain credit rating excellence in the following year as well.


NEW - Siapro people are not needed for machine start-up at site, new solution. We focused on redesign in corona virus situation and start to sell KIT-sets shot blasting machine for customers to install it by them self. Machines which are KIT made need no Siapro people for machine start-up at site, this can be done directly by customer. Machine HA 1400x1000 is on stock. Contact us!
Machine is made for shotblasting or shotpeening and is available for:
1.    classic environment
2.    atex environment.
 We can supply "Basic machine" or  Heavy duty machine".


Contact us

pdfA4_Siapro_KITset_shotblasting_machine_HA1000x1400_ang_2020_distribution (.pdf 720KB) (.pdf 720KB)



We completed a new engineering project for railway company, provided a design and technological solution based on the presented needs and problems of the client, the project was carried out on a turnkey basis.

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