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It is 3 years now since we developed, manufactured, installed and successfully started the new developed machine, electrical and process equipment in order to fulfil the specific requirements for shotblasting steel strips in Acroni in Slovenia.
Especially for this purpose, 8x90 KW turbines for sandblasting E-ECO 520S were used for the construction and production of a special shot blasting machine. We made the machine completely in accordance with the technological requirements of SIJ Acroni. The abrasive speed is between 85-130 m/s, with the machine running 24 hours a day. VIDEO

It has been confirmed that the lifetime of Siapro E-ECO turbine blades on this machine and under these working conditions is 1.600 shotblasting hours and that Siapro E-ECO shotblasting turbines are high efficient.


Shotblasting machine with skip. E-ECO high quality shotblasting turbines Siapro made 100% in  Europe in Slovenia.


1. E-ECO Complete Process Monitoring Technology - CPMT Smart Equipment will not disappointing you.
2. You will benefit from smart production through technology and experience and maintenance friendly process.

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