Castings cleaning

Shot blasting is cleaning of the surface by means of abrasive products.

Turbine blasting is the most economical method of removing rust, scaling, foundry sand, paint, clean the surface prior to coating, and more. Compared with blasting with compressed air turbine is 10 times more efficient in blasting. The company SIAPRO offer standardized performance blasting machines and plants adapted to the requirements of demanding customers. Our machinery are manufactured according to modern manufacturing technologies such as laser cutting, CNC bending, etc.. simplified and cost-effective and competitive.

Shot blasting machines -  standard offer

  • Tumble blast machines of type T - For sanding a variety of work pieces with roughly the same dimension.
  • Sanders with hanging hook H - For sanding different pieces that can be hung.
  • Spindle machines D - For sanding work pieces of different shapes and weights.

Shot blasting machines - unique implementation of customized


The unique construction - blasting machines are designed work pieces of complex shapes or weights.

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