We offer crushers for aluminum pieces or  various cast irons materials. Runner Crusher Breaker has a 15 year history and more than 150 operating units. It provides satisfaction and efficiency to its customers worldwide.

With crushers bulk systems are transformed by breaking into smaller pieces, which is then easily transported. Broken pieces are easier to handle for induction furnace. The system is controlled through the PLC and allows you to adjust aperture "jaw crusher" in order to achieve the desired transformation bulk systems. Machine withstand temperatures up to 370 ° C without any problems. ''Teeth grinding mechanism'' are durable and can be in the case of extreme wear and restoration. The main advantages of the crusher Runner Breaker are:

• Increased density material that is returned
• Increased efficiency furnace
• Separation of castings foundry sand
• Simplified material transport
• Easy implementation into space
• Reduce injuries furnace linings
• Stand-alone or integrated design of the production process.


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