Overhead conveyor shot blasting machines with monorail


shotblastingFlow machines with hanging hooks are designed for shot blasting large amounts of diverse pieces that can be hung. They are suitable for elements such as castings, small objects, forged parts, bars and similar items. Work pieces within the blast machine are rotating and moving in a way that makes it possible for very effectively cleaning. The machines are made ​​of solid manganese steel plates, shot blasting part are further protected by wear-resistant shields made ​​from manganese steel. Our newly developed abrasive separators of different designs, with or without magnetic separator, ensure providing optimum shot blasting at a high processing speed. The machines are manufactured under the strictest European standards. Thus, for example, emissions of dust from the filter below 3mg/m3. The machine has a built-in PLC control panel.

We offer standard and custom made machines.

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