Mechanical ECO-DRY pickling line for hot-rolled steel strips- without chemical substances

Unique Technology - Line for ECO - DRY Pickling and Coil Steel Strip Descaling - Speed 25-60m/min:
  • + 100% Eliminate harmful chemicals!
  • With Siapro, a customer can also specify the surface roughness (Ra value) needed for their application
  • Descaling without chemical substances! Specify Surface Roughness! Cleanliness SA3
  • Shotblasting turbines E-ECO CPMT with Carbide Blades, New Generation of AAD Valve
  • Full Automatization with Wireless CPMT - Long Distance Control (Siapro has developed CPMT - Continuous Process Monitoring UTechnology for long distance control)
  • 100% Eliminate harmful chemicals
  • Save operating costs and space
  • Create a surface that resists rusting
  • Material that has gone through the process will have a uniform, smooth overall appearance.

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pdfSiapro_Dry_Pickling_and_Descaling_Line_ang_slo_2015 (.pdf 1.7MB)

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