Turn table shot blasting machines

Some items due to their specific shape or weight are not suitable for the transport of hanging line or blasting tumble blast machines. In this case table shot blasting machines are soutable for use. Shot blasting machines are equipped with a turbine, which is crucial for maintaining low maintenance costs, while the highest possible efficiency of the cleaning process.
Rotating table made ​​of solid manganese steel plates and are of different diameters. Stack of blast turbine provides optimal way of loading sand, sand newly developed cleaners enable the best possible quality of abrasive cleaning at the highest possible speed. The entire shot blasting machine is in accordance with the strictest European standards, which among other things also ensures that emissions of dust from the filter below 3mg/m3. The control unit contains the PLC control panel.

We offer standard and custom made shot blasting machines.

Shot blasting of pipes, screws ect. on a table shot blasting machine, Siapro innovative solution 2018


Multifunctional and widely used table shot blasting machine can be used for blasting of:

1. large work pieces up to 1200x500 mm,
2. shot blasting of fine material such as screws, washers...,
3. shot blasting of small wheel rims and truck rims of larger dimensions, including shot blasting the inner side of the wheel rims,
4. pipes shot blasting
5. pieces that can be hanged.

Further, the machine is available in two versions, classical and for the atex environment.

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