Sand regeneration equipment

sand regenerationSand regeneration is environmentally friendly.
The Simpson Pro-Claim is used to reclaim large volumes of bentonite bonded or chemically bonded sand for reuse in the molding systems resulting in significant savings in raw material and disposal costs.

Continuous sand reclaimer working on the principle of pneumatic scrubbing.

For reclaiming green sand for reuse in green sand or chemically bonded sand for reuse in chemically bonded sand systems.


  • Continuous operation requires no operator
  • No moving parts in contact with sand requires minimal maintenance
  • Simple yet versatile operation effectively reclaims sand at a very low cost

Sand enters the machine and is propelled up a blast tube with air provided by a turbo blower. As the sand accelerates up the tube to impact a conical target intensive sand scrubbing is achieved to remove layers of binder material. Removed binder and unwanted fines are exhausted to the dust collection system. Sand can be recirculated within the same cell or passed to successive cells. After the desired amount of cleaning has been achieved the sand is discharged over a final screening operation before being returned to the sand system.

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Photos: Installation in Slovenian foundry
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