Measurement and control sand moisture

Our controls are based on SIEMENS S7
With our control system you can regulate all the drives on the sand plant as well as moisture and temperature control. Automatic wing cells helps the operator to keep a consistent sand quality throw out the production time.

Main control cabinet
It is set up in command center which is in enclosed space ventilated and free of dust. The controls here oversee the complete system operation which are shown on the visualization screen.

Measuring and regulation
  • System for weighing return sand as also additives going into the mixer
  • System for measuring moisture and return sand
  • System for dosing additives into the mixer
  • System for measuring moisture on prepared sand
  • Temperature measuring and temperature control with pre moisture system
Assembly and start up
We are present threw complete project as also assembly and star up. Our engineers stay on site for after 7-14 days after start up for trouble shooting.

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