Belt conveyors

Conveyor belts are available in widths from 400 to 2200 mm. Tape length and structure is flexible to the needs of the customer.

Rubber belt transporters

General purpose rubber fabric conveyor belts transport loose and lump materials under typical working conditions in the temperatures from -25°C to +60°C. The belts are used in strip mines, metallurgy, quarries, cement plants and others. According to customer demands they can be made in different grades of rubber covers.

Wire net

Wire net provides a smooth conveying surface and excellent air circulation and liquid drainage. Universal weaves can be used at temperatures of -20 Degrees to 300 Degrees. Typical applications include glazing ceramics, copper brazing steel parts, foundries, shot blasting and cooking, baking and cleaning in the food processing industry.

Slat conveyors

Steel belt slat conveyor is rugged in design providing lasting, dependable performance. It can be used to convey hot, oily parts or to move items through heat drying processes. It can also be used for assembly line and production operations.

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