SIAPRO used Tumbler shot blasting machine TRB 150 USED, SOLD

Great opportunity!  The machine is in good condition, year of manufacture 2012.
Machine are suitable for blasting of mass produced components similar shapes and sizes.
We have a 3 month warranty on the machine. The warranty is valid for the Siapro assembly or Siapro control of  Assembly.
The machine has been regularly maintained.

Technical data:
Overall machine height: ~3.950 mm
Maximum work volume: 0.150 m3 (150 litres)
Maximum load weight: 300kg
Blast compartment diameter: 750 mm
Blast compartment length: 850 mm
Nomber of wheels: 1 x 30 E-ECO
Power of the wheel: 11 kW
Frequency inverter on the wheel: 1 pcs
Dust collector: 2000m3/h
Cyklone: 1 pcs
PLC Hitachi
Total installed power: ~18 kW

Only standardly declared wear parts have been replaced.

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