Reducers and motors with gear reducer SIEMENS BROOK, BBC, NORD, FLENDER, SEW USED

1.Manufacturer: BROOK, typ: 080AD 0736809
  Power: 0,55 kW; RPM: 1400

2.Manufacturer: BROOK, typ: 080AD 0736810
  Power: 0,55 kW; RPM: 1400

3.Manufacturer: BBC
  Power: 37 kW; RPM: 1475

4.Manufacturer: SEW, Typ:S40DT71D-8BM/HP
  Power: 0,15 kW; RPM: 650/13

5.Manufacturer: NORD, Typ:100/L40
  Power: 3 kW; RPM: 1425

6.Manufacturer: NORD, Typ:52RV40-100I/40
  Power:3 kW; RPM:1440

7.Manufacturer:FLENDER, Typ: V-7511; D81-G132S4
  Power:5,5 kW; RPM:1440

8.Manufacturer:FLENDER, Typ: V-7505; CAD102-A100
  Power:3 kW; RPM:1410

9.Power:0,55 kW; RPM:1375/61

10.Power:4 kW; RPM:76; axle: 35 mm

11.Typ: N317 332; Power:2,2 kW

12.Power:0,55 kW; RPM:1360


1.Manufacturer: SIEMENS
  -Typ: FC43V1; 1LA5163-0EB49-Z; Power: 7 kW; RPM: 1450
  -Typ: 3M03 1LC4 220/4AA61-Z; Power:37 kW; RPM: 1475

2.Power:0,75 kW; RPM: 300

3.Manufacturer:SEW EURODRIVE
  -Typ: R40 DT80N4; Power:0,7 kW; RPM: 98
  -Power:5,5 kW; RPM: 2880/6,1

4.Power:0,55 kW; RPM: 1360/20

5.Typ: SK 100L/4BRE40; Power:2,2 kW; RPM: 1440/7,9

6.Power:2,2 kW; RPM: 1410

7.Power:0,11 kW; RPM: 141/989

Typ: CK15I63BBIEC; Power:1,1 kW

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