General salary increase for 5% in Siapro in October 2018


With the aim of additional stimulation of employees and successful further development of the company, we decided to increase the general salary in the company from 1.10.2018.

In 2018 we already completed the development of two new products, and by the end of the year we are planning to complete the development of a new product with greater added value. Our long-term business partners from the USA, with whom we completed this year a large-scale project in the Slovenian foundry, succeeded in acquiring company WEBAC from Germany this year. The current state of Siapro signed contracts and projects in progress just before the final realization is favorable on all our sales programs: shotblasting machines, foundry equipment and in the field of hydroelectric power plants.

Despite good references, however, we are aware that the challenges on the global market are not easy to overcome with numerous competitors. Therefore, we want to reward employees and encourage them to continue the successful work in the future. Management Siapro d.o.o.

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